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Talent@Work: Qualified and certified professionals for your organization

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The demand for qualified and certified Java development professionals in the IT market is growing. Many organizations expect to have a shortage of certified employees in the short or medium term, or already face this issue right now.

Therefore Fast Lane developed the Talent @ Work program, which is designed to help support companies bring young, talented and certified employees into the marketplace.

What is Talent @ Work?

The Talent @ Work program places the employee directly into your organization on a temporary contract. After 7 or 12 months you have the opportunity to take the employee on to your own payroll once he or she is a fully certified specialist.

How does the Talent @ Work program work?

We will start the recruitment and selection, then forward CV's of any potential candidates. If you would like to proceed with a candidate(s) we will then present and confirm the Fast Lane training program required to reach your expectations. Based on this information you will determine whether you would like to invite the candidate for an interview.

Is the candidate right for your organization and the training plan in line with your wishes? As long as you are satisfied with the candidate selection the employee will start immediately and the training will commence. This could cover any, or a number, of the following areas: routing & switching, data center, FlexPod, wireless, security or Java development. The training can also be customized at various stages to suit your business.

Over the course of the training program the candidate is encouraged to regularly participate on any internal projects they could potentially work alongside and support your software development team on. It’s a good opportunity to receive some on the job coaching, get to know your teams and better understand your culture. Fast Lane will also provide personal IT counseling.

You would like to include current employees in the training program? This is possible. Your employee will receive the same assistance as the other candidates.

Various go / no go moments

Within Talent @ Work a number of go/no go moments will take place. During these stages the candidates will need to prove themselves to give you the reassurance, and help to eliminate any risk, that they are progressing to meet your expectations.

Why Talent @ Work for you?

  • A targeted program that revolves around recruitment, selection, training and supervision.
  • After 7 months you will receive a certified Java specialist.
  • An investment into a talented individual that would be loyal to your company.
  • Various go / no-go moments, something that offers maximum flexibility and excludes risks.
  • An all-in hourly rate.
  • The ability to take the employee after 7 or 12 months on your payroll.
  • A study transferable contract that guarantees your investment.

Previous talent programs

Between 2007 and 2011 Fast Lane educated 50 candidates in becoming certified Cisco Voice and Cisco Security engineers. The candidates immediately started working for various Cisco channel partners and end customers.

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"Fast Lane's talent program is a compact education program I learnt a lot from. The knowledge and experience of the instructors, the logical structure of the program and the flexibility of my employer helped me to successfully pass all of the required exams. It wasn't easy and I had to work hard but the program was structured in a way that I could limit my study time to only the evenings and the weekends. Studying and working could therefore be combined in a pleasant way.

The talent program has gotten me far: I have been able to gain a lot of experience at my employer and I'm happy I am now Cisco certified!"

Hans Jongejeugd, Technical Service Manager
Hans was a participant in the 2008 talent program and achieved the CCVP certification (currently known as: CCNP Voice).

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