Everything you need to know about NetApp training and certification

Fast Lane introducing the NetApp Quick Reference Guide

http://content.yudu.com/Library/A1n63h/NetAppQuickReference/resources/index.htm?referrerUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.yudu.com%2Fitem%2Fdetails%2F140451%2FNetApp-Quick-Reference-Guide-UK-VersionWhat does an authorized NetApp training with Fast Lane look like?
How do I find out which NetApp training suits my needs?
Does Fast Lane offer training for NetApp partners?
I am looking for a customized NetApp training. What can Fast Lane do for me?
I am an experienced engineer. Does Fast Lane offer Bootcamp training?
What are Training Units?
How do I find out more on NetApp certifications?

The answer on all of these questions you will find in Fast Lane’s NetApp Quick Reference Guide.

Would you like us to send you the guide by email or would you prefer to receive a hard copy? Do you have any additional questions on NetApp training and certifications?
Please contact Fast Lane by +32 (0)2 609 0093 or email.

We are glad to help you out!

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