Cooperation with Lancelot Institute, introducing Security Awareness course

New Advanced Security courses in Fast Lane curriculum

Fast Lane and Lancelot Institute join forces

Fast Lane and Lancelot Institute have joined forces to offer Advanced Security courses. Lancelot Institute is a group of highly professional experts in the IT security domain who together provide top security courses and services throughout Europe. The training offerings of both organizations are complementary. In addition, both Fast Lane and Lancelot Institute work with certified and highly experienced instructors only, and concentrate on exceeding customer’s expectations.

Certified Information Specialist Security Professional (CISSP)

Information Security demands a professional approach. The CISSP certification is a worldwide standard for developing policy for information security. The course provides a helicopter view on all aspects within information security and will therefore benefit IT Management as well as security experts.

The training is designed to prepare the student for taking the CISSP exam. Projects and cases from the real world will also be covered in order to guarantee an optimal retention.


Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

The CISM course is aimed at managing information security and based on international standards (ISO). There where CISSP mainly aims at the technical aspects of information security, CISM is more focused on the organizational aspects.


Security Awareness (SECAW)

his course creates awareness of the value of information in the working environment and the direct impact on the safety of the organization. A process of realization will start which will end up in concrete actions to strengthen the security policy of the organization. Not only will these actions be of high quality, they will be supported by all employees which is crucial to successfully implement a security policy.



For further information on training and certification please contact Fast Lane directly through phone (030 658 2131) or e-mail.

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