Cisco announcing IT Battle winners

Belgium winning country in Cisco's IT Battle

Cisco have announced the winners of the IT Battle. Belgium, Belarus, Ireland, Qatar and Israel are the 5 winning countries. From each winning country Cisco selected a number of individual winners who won prizes such as Cisco exam vouchers and discounts for Cisco courses at Fast Lane. Ilya Petrashkevich from Belarus won the main prize: a ticket to Cisco Live in Berlin.

Cisco initiated the IT Battle which is an online knowledge battle. After it being a huge success in Russia the battle was set up in the EMEA region as well. Fast Lane worked closely with Cisco in the creation and organization of the IT Battle.

The Belgian winners are Maarten Pieters, Davy Cavens, Ruben van Nieuwenhove, Yassine Fredj and Dany Bongen. Congratulations! Fast Lane will contact you this week.

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