Change will give Cisco channel partners more time to transition from Advanced Borderless Networks Architecture Specialization to new Architecture Specializations

Cisco extends deadline for transitioning to Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture and Advanced Security Architecture Specializations

Cisco has moved the expiration date for the Advanced Borderless Networks Architecture suite of specializations (including Advanced Wireless LAN, Advanced Routing and Switching, Advanced Security and Advanced Content Security). Cisco channel partners will now have additional time to migrate to the Advanced Security Architecture Specialization and Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization (including Advanced Unified Access and Advanced Core and WAN Specializations).

The new expiration date for the Advanced Borderless Networks suite of specializations will be aligned to the same day as the partner's certification renewal date. This begins 1st August 2015. If the partner is migrating to Enterprise Networks and/or Security, the partner will need to complete this migration before its first certification expiration date AFTER 1st August 2015. This timing also aligns with the new Hybrid IT requirements for Premier and Gold Partners as well as the additional Gold Certification requirements.

This change will give the partner the time to complete the migration to the Enterprise Networks and Security specializations. And, it gives the partner one date to drive to in order to meet requirements instead of managing multiple dates.

Further Information
Would you like to know more about this change or about the consequences this change has for your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us through phone +32 2 609 0093 or email. We'd be happy to assist!

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