New Security courses now available with Fast Lane

Cisco introducing new Security courses and exams, changing the CCNP Security certification

Today - 21st January 2014 - Cisco announces changes in both the CCNP Security certification and a number of specialist certifications. New courses and exams will be introduced and current courses and exams will be replaced or will expire.

The design of a network and the security of it cannot be seen as 2 separate things anymore. Security has to be ingrained within the network. When a network is designed the security posture needs to be created at the same time. Overall, we are looking at a trend moving away from products and moving more toward cohesive security solutions.

The CCNP Security certification courses used to be separate courses focused on specific products. The new certification and the new courses are now set up in such a way that security professionals can build their knowledge around complete technologies instead of specific products.

Cisco introduces the following CCNP Security courses:

Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions (SENSS) | 300-206 SENSS

Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions (SITCS) | 300-207 SITCS

Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions (SISAS) | 300-208 SISAS

Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions (SIMOS) | 300-209 SIMOS

The prerequisites for the CCNP Security certification remain unchanged: a CCNA Security certification or CCIE certification is required. CCNP Security also remains to be a part of the channel partner program in the Borderless Networks architecture specialization.

Popular security courses that are not part of the CCNP Security certification, such as the Introduction to 802.1X Operations for Cisco Security Professionals (802.1X) and the Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE) courses will remain to exist.

CCNP Security Mix & Match

All persons who are currently working to achieve the CCNP Security certification, can choose either one of the following options:

1. The participant chooses to take one or more old exams before the expiry date of 21st April 2014. When the participant achieves all of the required exams before that date he or she will be CCNP Security certified for a period of 3 years.
2. The participant chooses the Mix & Match solution and combines old and new exams:

642-618 FIREWALL or 300-206 SENSS
642-627 IPS or 300-207 SITCS
642-637 SECURE or 300-208 SISAS
642-648 VPN or 300-209 SIMOS

Security specialist certifications

All current security specialist certifications will be removed from the certification program. Achieved certifications will remain valid but as of 21st April 2014 it is no longer possible to recertify.

Cisco introduces one new security specialist certification: the ! Certification. This certification is meant for network security analysts working at large enterprises and service providers.

New Cisco Security product training

For network security professionals looking to gain in-depth expertise on specific Cisco network security products, Cisco introduces a number of security product courses.

Implementing Advanced Cisco ASA Security (SASAA)

Implementing & Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine for Wireless Engineers (SWISE)

Implementing Core Cisco ASA Security (SASAC)

Implementing Cisco bring Your Own Device Solutions (SBYOD)

As of today the first new Cisco Security courses will be available with Fast Lane.

Further Information
Would you like to know more about one of the new courses or certifications? Please do not hesitate to contact Fast Lane by phone +32 2 609 0093 or email. We'd be glad to assist!

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