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Fast Lane and Oracle University organizing FREE Java SE 8 / Java EE 7 Seminar

Java is evolving rapidly. Java EE 7 has recently been launched and Java SE 8 is expected to be introduced early 2014. Rumours are saying Java SE 8 will be completely different than all previous Java releases. Are these rumours true?

Dalibor Topic - Java expert - will inform you about all the ins and outs around both Java EE 7 and Java SE 8 during a 2,5 hour seminar on Thursday 13th February in Utrecht. To enable everyone interested to attend he will host both a morning seminar and an afternoon seminar covering the same information during each seminar.

Dalibor: "There is a lot more to Java SE 8 than Lambdas. In this fast-paced overview of the JDK Enhancement Proposals funded for JDK 8, we'll take a look at them all and learn about the new features in JDK 8. Then we will change to take a look at Java EE 7. On one hand, Java EE 7 continues the ease of development push that characterized prior releases by bringing further simplification to enterprise development. On the other hand, Java EE 7 tackles new emerging requirements such as HTML 5 support with new APIs."

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Further Information
Would you like to know more about this seminar? Please do not hesitate to contact Fast Lane by phone +32 2 609 0093 or email. We'd be glad to assist and hope to see you Thursday 13th February!

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