MDS courses and exams have been removed, Unified Computing and Unified Fabric courses and exams have been added

Updated Data Center Channel Partner Specializations

Cisco has announced updates to its Data Center suite of channel partner specializations. The required exams and supporting courses for the design and implementation roles across the Cisco Advanced Data Center Architecture, Unified Fabric Technology, and Unified Computing Technology specializations have been revised for current and more relevant content to keep pace with industry trends and new product releases.

Courses and exams in the area of MDS have been removed while Unified Computing and Unified Fabric troubleshooting courses and exams have been added.

In addition to updating individual courses and exams, Cisco will shift some roles from ‘channel-dedicated’ specialist badges to career certifications, bringing them into alignment with industry-recognized specialist tracks for individuals.

As is always the case with any changes to program requirements, candidates will continue to be recognized for current credentials until renewal, at which time they will be required to meet any new requirements. For candidates already in the process of passing an affected exam or achieving a specialist badge, there is a transition period.

Courses and exams that have been removed from the channel partner program:
!CI-DCSNS | 642-357 DCSNS

642-359 ICSNS

Courses and exams that have been added to the channel partner program:
!CI-DCUFT | 642-980 DCUFT

!CI-DCUCT | 642-035 DCUCT

Further Information
Do you have a question about the new certification requirements, or would you like to receive more information about one of the other Cisco courses or certifications? Please do not hesitate to contact me. We'd be more than happy to assist! Please contact us and call +32 2 609 0093 or send us an email.

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