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Java EE 6: Develop Business Components with JMS & EJBs (D77742GC10)

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Who Should Attend

  • Java Developer
  • Java EE Developer


Required Prerequisites

  • Demonstrate experience with the Java programming language
  • Integrate existing Java code (for example, reuse existing classes created by other team members)
  • Developing Applications with Java EE 6 on WebLogic Server 12c
  • Java SE 7 Programming

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Developing Web Applications using JSF Technologies
  • Experience with an Integrated Development Environment
  • Java SE 7: Develop Rich Client Applications
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML

Course Objectives

  • Implement interceptor classes and methods
  • Implement transactions
  • Implement exception handling for EJB technology
  • Create a timer using the Timer Service
  • Handle timer notification within an EJB component
  • Implement security for Java EE technology
  • Evaluate best practices for EJB technology
  • Develop a Java EE Application
  • Create message-driven beans
  • Examine the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
  • Implement Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB 3.1) session beans
  • Use dependency injection with CDI
  • Use JPA for persistence
  • Develop Java EE technology applications using messaging

Course Content

This Java EE 6 training teaches you the knowledge required to build robust back-end functionality. Do this using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB[TM]) version 3.1 technology.

Learn To:

  • Implement business-tier functionality using EJB technology.
  • Assemble and deploy EJB technology business-tier components on an application server.
  • Integrate an EJB technology-based application using the Java Messaging Service API.
  • Create and implement timer-based services.
  • Integrate transactions and security into an enterprise application.
  • Describe best practices and other advanced issues in business component development with EJB technology.
  • Explore the EJB technology coding experience of session beans and message driven-beans in a JMS application.
  • Examine EJB design, best practices, transaction management, messaging fundamentals and security.

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
This course features the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) technology, and uses the Java EE 6 SDK. You'll perform the course lab exercises using the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This hands-on lab environment uses Oracle WebLogic Server 12c.

Classroom Training

Duration 4 days

Price (VAT excl.)
  • Belgium: 2,680.- €
  • The Netherlands: 2,708.- €
Dates and Booking

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