IPv6 Fundamentals (IPV6FUN)

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Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who will need to understand the IPv6 basic rules.


  • Basic networking skills.
  • Practical experience with design, management, and/or troubleshooting of IPv4 networks is recommended.

Course Objectives

  • This course is a 3-day immersion into IPv6 Fundamentals.
  • In order to enhance the course, an IPv6 ready lab environment based on Cisco devices, Windows and LINUX hosts is used.
  • Whether you are a vendor selling IPv6 Solutions, a manager, or a network administrator looking to lead the effort, this is the course for you to convert your IPv4 understanding into IPv6 basic know how.

Course Content

M00 Course Introduction
M01 IP History and Overview
  • IP Address Assignment
  • IPv4 History and Status
  • IPv6 History and Status
  • IPv6 Features and Benefits
M02 IPv6 Header Format
  • IPv6 Header Changes
  • IPv6 Extension Headers
M03 IPv6 Address Architecture
  • IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment
  • IPv6 Address Types
  • IPv6 Address Text Representation
  • IPv6 Address Structure
M04 IPv6 Supported Platforms
  • IPv6 on Windows OS
  • IPv6 on MAC OS
  • IPv6 on Linux OS
  • IPv6 on Cisco IOS
M05 IPv6 ICMPv6
  • ICMPv6 Introduction
  • ICMPv6 Message Types
  • ICMPv6 Path MTU Discovery
  • ICMPv6 Multicast Listener Discovery
  • ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol
  • ICMPv6 Recommendations
M06 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
  • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Introduction
  • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (SLAAC)
  • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (DHCPv6)
M07 IPv6 Applications
  • DHCPv6
  • DNS for IPv6
M08 IPv6 Migrations Methods
  • Dual Stack
  • Tunneling
  • Translation
M09 IPv6 Transition
  • Strategy
  • Address Planning
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 4 days

Price (VAT excl.)
  • Belgium: 2,195.- €
  • The Netherlands: 2,195.- €
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