Cisco Data Center Unified Computing System C-series Troubleshooting (DCUCSCTS)

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Who Should Attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Data center technicians
  • Data center administrators
  • System engineers

The secondary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Data center designers and managers

The tertiary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Program and project managers


The following prerequisite skills and knowledge are recommended before attending this course:

  • Understanding of server system design and architecture
  • Familiarity with Ethernet and TCP/IP networking
  • Familiarity with storage area networks
  • Familiarity with Fibre Channel protocol
  • Understanding of Cisco enterprise data center architecture
  • Familiarity with hypervisor technologies (vSphere, Hyper-V, Xen)

Previous attendance of the following Cisco learning offerings is recommended to fully benefit from this course:
Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI)
Attendance of Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric (DCUFI)

Course Content

This intensive 2-day course covers the following topics:

  • Review of Troubleshooting Methodology: how to gather data and how to execute a Fault Isolation Process
  • Troubleshooting Management Access, including executing CIMC and BIOS Password Recovery, troubleshooting LOM, Cisco Card Mode, IPMI Access and SoL Access
  • Configuring Firmware Updates, EFI Shell to Remotely Update CIMC BIOS, USB Recovery Modules for CIMC BIOS and recovering from Corrupt Server BIOS
  • Troubleshooting LAN Connectivity, cable issues, CNA LAN Configuration and P81E CNA LAN Configuration
  • Troubleshooting SAN Connectivity, CNA SAN Configuration and P81E SAN Configuration
  • Troubleshooting RAID Configuration, RAID Card Failures and Disk Failures
  • Troubleshooting Operating System Driver Issues, Windows Drivers, VMware ESX/ESXi Drivers and Red Hat Linux Drivers
  • Configuring C-Series Integration with UCS Manager, B-Series Hardware Integration and C-Series CIMC BIOS to Integrate with UCS Manager
  • Module 1: Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Module 2: Troubleshooting Management Access
  • Module 3: Configuring Firmware Updates
  • Module 4: Troubleshooting LAN Connectivity
  • Module 5: Troubleshooting SAN Connectivity
  • Module 6: Troubleshooting RAID
  • Module 7: Troubleshooting Operating System Driver Issues
  • Module 8: Configuring C-Series Integration with UCS Manager
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 2 days

Price (VAT excl.)
  • Belgium: 1,995.- €
  • The Netherlands: 1,995.- €
Dates and Booking

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