Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques (BTEABVD)

Detailed Course Outline

Day One
  • The Architectural approach
  • The role of the Business Architect
  • Lifecycle phases: Implementing skills and knowledge gained
  • Diagnosing the customer environment
  • Stakeholder Management

Day Two
  • Project Governance
  • Managing Organizational change
  • Managing Customer Adoption
  • Measurements / Benefits realization
  • Deepening the Customer Relationship
  • Customer Conversation Framework

Day Three - Account Team Management
  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities within the team
  • Understanding the architectural maturity of the team
  • Identifying gaps in knowledge and skills
  • Developing team member’s skill

Day Three - Diagnosing the customer environment
  • What are customers doing in terms of Enterprise Architecture
  • Working with the customer’s Enterprise Architect
  • Building credibility with the customer’s Enterprise Architect
  • Identifying the customer’s drivers for an architectural engagement
  • Educating the customers on the benefits of an architectural engagement

Day Four - Practitioner Workshop – “Bringing it all together”
  • Identifying issues and challenges in customer engagements
  • Analyzing themes and common pain points
  • Determining the best solutions to improve engagements
  • Engaging with customers using architectural tools and techniques
  • Determining the best engagement approach
  • Presenting customer focused solutions
  • Ensuring customer adoption
  • Deepening the customer relationship