Business & IT Convergence - Discover the Customer (BIC-DTC)

Detailed Course Outline

Consultative Selling
  • Understand different sales models
  • Introduction to consultative selling
  • Consultative selling to bridge the business-IT-gap
  • How IT is linked with customers’ strategy and operations
  • Becoming business relevant
  • The need for preparation
Analytics & Research
  • Tools to analyze customers efficiently
  • Analyzing value
  • Applying research skills
Business Consulting Skills
  • Personal and organizational requirements for consultative selling
  • The partners’ role: sales vs. business consulting?
  • Plan a consultative selling approach
  • Plan and manage workshops with stakeholders
  • Use different methods to manage the consulting process
Strategy – the Customers' Outside World
  • Understand how strategy evolves
  • Uncover the customer strategy
  • Applying tools like PESTLE, 5 Forces, etc.
Business Model – the Customers' Inside World
  • Understand the customers’ business model
  • Apply the Business Model Canvas®
  • Evaluate the “routes to value“
  • Identify the buying centers’ key stakeholders
Business Processes & KPI's
  • Understand the principles of a business process
  • Different characteristics of business process – design & analysis
  • Measurement of business process
  • Business process improvement methodologies
  • High-Level analysis of a customers’ key processes
Identifying the Buying Center
  • Understand the buying center concept and the relevance for consultative selling
  • Identification of stakeholders building the buying center
  • Decisive behavior of stakeholders in the buying center
  • Argumentation corresponding to motives and demand
Value Creation
  • Defining entry points for higher value creation through our solutions
  • Analyzing the business environment and the business model of a customer to find value creation opportunities
  • Gathering key influencers to enhance the business care