Business & IT Convergence - Creating a Business Case (BIC-CBC)

Detailed Course Outline

Investment Appraisal
  • Why companies invest and how they make investment decisions
  • Your proposal: a potential investment that competes with other investment opportunities
  • Methodology of investment appraisal (TCO, NPV, ROI and IIR)
  • What does the ROI tell us?
  • Value creation: influencing the ROI
  • Understand how to map features and advantages to business benefits
  • Keeping motivation and perceived risk in check
Risk Analyzis & Mitigation
  • Understand the various types of risk
  • Using perceived risk as a benefit to differentiate evaluate and adopt
  • Strategies to mitigate perceived risk
Storytelling – the Business Case Story
  • Elements of a compelling business case: risk, impact, change, gain
  • How your business case becomes a story: about heroes and mentors
  • Apply storytelling to present a compelling business case (to non IT executives)
Communication & Conversation Techniques
  • Conversation: the verbal part of communication
  • How to get into and lead a conversation (listing, questioning, messaging)
  • Manage conflicts and difficult conversations
  • Emotion drives conversations – how to deal with it?
  • Align verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Uncover and change attitude
Negotiation in Sales
  • The importance of negotiation
  • Sales vs. negotiation?
  • The HARVARD concept of negotiation
  • Preparing negotiation (give/get, concessions, goals, BATNA, etc.)
  • How to start and lead a negotiation
  • Apply the N.E.G.O.T.I.A.T.E. process
  • The psychology of influence
Objection Handling & Deal Closing
  • What is objection (handling)?
  • Identify the hidden concerns, needs and confusion
  • Manage objections successfully
  • Deal closing: thousand useless techniques
  • How to ask for the PO