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Cisco Digital Learning Library

With the new Cisco Digital Learning Library, training just got more effective and convenient. The portfolio provides the ease and accessibility of e-learning, but has a style of learning that is more like an instructor-led course. The new e-learning courses in the Cisco Digital Learning Library are self-paced and modular, with course content broken up into sections to allow you to learn when you have a few extra minutes. In order to match different learning styles, the content for the courses will be presented via both instructor videos and student guide text. The interface will also be integrated with a single logon and all information in one window for simplicity. The premium self-study courses align with career certifications for the following Cisco portfolios: Route and Switch, Design, Security, Wireless, Data Center, Cloud and Collaboration.

What is Included

  • Searchable glossary and transcripts
  • HD instructor-led videos
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Bookmark and annotation tools
  • Analytics to track progress
  • Graded challenge assignments
  • Gamification with Leaderboards
  • Full Student Guide textbook
  • Discovery Labs with shareable recordings


  • Covers multiple learning techniques to be more effective
  • Helps you get the most from every minute
  • Topics are easily consumable
  • Can be accessed easily- anytime, anywhere
  • Progress saved, so you can pick up where you left off
  • Single sign-on access
  • Everything in one place- single, integrated browser window

How Does It Work?

Click the button 'Buy E-Learning' on the right side of the course page. You will be redirected to Fast Lane LIVE where you order the e-learning and make the payment with a credit card or Cisco Learning Credits. You can also choose to receive an invoice. After receiving your payment we will send you a confirmation with a link to the portal with login credentials.

Further Information

Do you have any questions or would you like to receive more information on the Cisco e-learning portfolio? Feel free to contact us by calling +32 2 609 0093 or send us an email. We're glad to assist!

Cisco Digital Learning Library Portfolios

Cisco E-Learning Training (ELT) is available for purchase by the title, portfolio or the entire library. Cisco has 5 portfolios available at this time. Click on the course below to view the description. Once you pay with a credit card, PO or CLCs, you will receive a confirmation with a link to the portal with login credentials.

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Mentoring Services

In order to ensure you have the greatest success with your e-learning purchase you can optionally add our Mentoring package for an additional charge. The set of value-added services are specifically designed to provide you with more information, explanations and a chance to interact with our Mentors. Note that all of our Cisco Mentors are Certified Cisco Systems Instructors (CCSIs).

To purchase the mentoring services visit Fast Lane LIVE and select the corresponding mentoring service that aligns with your specific course. Please note that you must have purchased the Digital Learning Course within the last four weeks in order to be able to add to your cart.

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