Blended learning: a smart combination of multiple learning methods

Learning has just got more effective and efficient! Fast Lane are introducing blended learning in the public schedule.

A blended learning program is a learning program, spread over a number of weeks, that effectively combines multiple learning methods. This enables us to create an optimal learning experience for the student in order for him or her to maximize the achievements in the workplace.

Instructor-led classroom-based training days will be combined with assignments and guided self-study. The program will be enriched with an online learning platform at which the student can find the structure of the learning program and contact both fellow students and the instructor. In addition to 24/7 access to the official e-learning environment the student will have access to the lab environment until far after the end of the course. Not only will the instructor deliver the classroom-based training days, he will also guide the student during the self-study program and answer questions at the online learning platform.

Fast Lane introduces this way of learning to gain more from the learning experience of the student. Courses with 5 subsequent classroom-based training days will be replaced by courses with 2 blocks of 2 classroom-based training days each, alternated with guided self-study. This, combined with the fact that both the e-learning and the lab environment are available before, during and after the learning program, enables us to reduce the number of classroom-based training days with 20% but still discuss the complete course content.

In short: learning has just got more effective and efficient!

A blended learning program...

  • ...always starts with a kick-off: an (online) meeting in which the program is explained to make sure everyone has the same expectations and knows what to do.
  • ...consists of a balanced combination of both classroom-based training and guided self-study.
  • spread out over several weeks so the student can immediately bring theory into practice.
  • enriched with a digital learning environment: an online platform at which the students can find the structure of the learning program and the assignments, can contact each other and the instructor and can ask questions.
  • delivered with the e-learning materials authorized by the vendor and a professional lab environment.
  • ...discusses all of the course content available but has a duration that is reduced by 20% as classroom-based training is alternated by guided self-study.
  • taught by a certified instructor: an instructor who combines training with (short-term) projects and uses this practical experience for course enrichment in the classroom.
  • ...always ends with a kick-out in which the objectives that were set before the start of the program will be evaluated.

Please find below an example of a blended learning structure. The course used to be fully classroom-based with a duration of 5 days.

Note: this image serves as an example. The structure of the final blended learning program can slightly change.

Blended learning: a smart combination of multiple learning methods

Further Information
Would you like to know more about the blended learning programs? Please contact Fast Lane at +32 2 609 0093 or We'd be glad to assist!

Blended learning: effectiever en efficiënter leren door een slimme combinatie van verschillende leervormen.

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