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IoT (Internet of Things): how do I seize my opportunities?

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

IoT, Internet of Things, is receiving great interest. Every IT event pays attention to it, there is a bombardment of articles about the subject, so one question burns above all else: where do my opportunities lie and how do I seize them? This question can be relevant for you individually, but also for your organization.

IoT for the organization

When I talk to Cisco partners and advise them on the Cisco partner program, one question arises more and more: ‘in what way can our organization specialize in IoT?’ The answer is relatively simple: you can do this by passing the Cisco’s Advanced Internet of Things specializations, amongst others.

There are currently 3 different Advanced IoT specializations available:

Advanced Internet of Things – Connected Safety and Security
Advanced Internet of Things – Industry Expert
Advanced Internet of Things – Manufacturing

In the upcoming months Cisco will add more specializations. Specializations for the market segments oil and gas, and health care for instance.

The Advanced IoT specializations are market oriented. The specialization IoT – Manufacturing for instance focuses on the connection between people and materials on the factory. IoT – Connected Safety and Security however, is concentrated on safety and security purposes. The specialization IoT – Industry Expert is meant for organizations that are based upon industrial automatization and that want to link to Cisco Internet of Things solutions to optimize production processes.

When an organization wants to become active in the Internet of Things market it is important to gain knowledge on IoT first, to be able to sell, design, implement and manage the available solutions. These are aspects that return in the roles of account manager, system engineer and field engineer within the 3 specializations mentioned above. The knowledge is available through e-learning and classroom-based courses and will be tested by means of Cisco exams of Pearson VUE.

IoT for the individual

The Cisco Career Certifications program is a well-known certifications program. The components of the program almost always have an associate level (CCxA), a professional level (CCxP) and an expert level (CCIEx). This will also apply for Internet of Things. At the present time there are no Internet of Things certifications in the Career Certifications program yet, but I expect these will be available soon.

The only certification for individuals in the area of IoT available at this time is the specialization Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist. In preparation of the exam Cisco Learning Services offers the IMINS course. The course can be booked through Fast Lane as usual.

If you want to take the first steps on the path of Internet of Things, this is the way.

Begin with obtaining one of the specializations and seize your opportunity

So there are possibilities for both organizations as for individuals to specialize in IoT, something that is also called ‘the next big business opportunity in the market’ at times. I hope that I was able to clarify how to start seizing your opportunities in this blog post. If there are still things that are unclear, please let me know.

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