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Cisco Continuous Learning: how do you monitor the progress?

7th November 2016
by Herman Goedman

Cisco Continuous LearningRecently I wrote a blog post on Continuous Learning: what is it, why did Cisco introduce it and how does it work exactly? In this blog post I will expand on the monitoring of the progress.

  • How can you find out how many Cisco Continuous Learning points your organization has obtained until now?
  • Where can you find what activities generate points?
  • How can you see what has been done by which employee?

Cisco Continuous Learning: the dashboard

Cisco has built a dashboard that allows you to find all this information in a quick and easy way. This dashboard can be found in Partner Self Service under the tab ‘Program Management & Application’.

Cisco Continuous Learning: how many points did your organization obtain?

After opening the tab you will see the architecture specializations, the technology specializations and the other programs your organization is certified in. Behind those you will find the ‘Anniversary Date’: the date of expiration of an obtained certification. This date is important, because in the Cisco Continuous Learning program obtaining a certain amount of points is mandatory for every renewal after 31st October 2016.

When you click on a certain specialization you will be shown the details of that specialization. You will see the amount of points that is required to obtain the specialization ánd you will see the amount of points your organization has already obtained.

Cisco Continuous Learning: what activities provide points?

A bit below the required and obtained amounts of points you will find the option to click to the Cisco Continuous Learning Library. There you will find an overview of all activities and knowledge sessions with which you can obtain points, within that specific specialization, that will count for the Cisco Continuous Learning program.

At this moment it is not (yet) possible to click to SalesConnect to start the knowledge session immediately. Perhaps Cisco will implement this possibility in a later stage. For now the easiest way is to copy and paste the title of the knowledge session of your choice in the search box in SalesConnect. When you have found the right knowledge session you can start it by means of the ‘view’ button. The difference between ‘view’ and ‘download’ can be found in my previous blog post.

Cisco Continuous Learning: which employee has done what?

Below the tab ‘Program Management & Application’ in the menu you can find a Cisco Continuous Learning overview. When you click on this you will be shown the specializations again for which your organization is certified, with the required and obtained amounts of points. At the right side you will find the option ‘Continuous Learning Detailed Overview’. When you click on this an Excel file will be opened with an overview of all completed activities and knowledge sessions, including the name of the employee and the obtained amount of points per activity.

Other questions concerning Cisco Continuous Learning?

These are the answers to the questions that are most frequently asked of me. Do you have other questions? Please let me know. I will be glad to help!

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